About Us

Windstream 5 Broadband Services Private Limited is an Internet Service Provider on Sinhagad Road that delivers various broadband plans along with high speed internet connection. Windstream 5 Broadband Services Private Limited is happily serving customers across Sinhagad Road. This was achieved by providing the subscribers with the best broadband plans and customer care service.

  • Prompt installation services.
  • Smooth and fast internet packages for everyone.
  • Great technical support.
  • Faster In Home & Business Internet.
  • 50 Mbps Speed, Enjoy speed 24x7.
  • Browse through our plans and select the one that best suits your need.


Windstram5 Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd. has over optic fibre cable and coaxial cable network in all its operational area facilitates world-class service delivery to its customers.


Broadband Internet service truly is the most used form of Internet access because of its high access speeds; it is offered in four different forms, DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), also fiber-optic, cable, and satellite. The old dial-up connection is the only non-broadband internet service available, and even though it is cheaper, most Internet users are moving towards the faster broadband Internet connection.